Water Quality

BOD Measurement System OxiDirect : Highlights

  • Direct sample selection
  • Accurate and direct display of BOD values in mg/l
  • User-friendly handling
  • User-selectable measuring period from 1 to 28 days (BOD5, BOD7, OECD…)
  • Automatic storage of all values
  • Auto start function after temperature equalisation
  • Mercury-free, environmentally- friendly
  • Inductive stirring system with automatic re-centering of stirring rods
  • Interface RS 232

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Waterproof Handheld Colorimeters & Turbidimeters : Main Features Colorimeters

  • US EPA-Approved DPD Method
  • One-Time Blanking
  • High Quality Reagent in Single-Test Sachets

Main Features Turbidimeters

  • US EPA-Approved Non-Formazin Standards
  • ISO 7027 Compliant
  • Auto-Ranging up to 1000 NTU

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CyberScan 6000 Series Bench Meters : Main Features

  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Easy To Use
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Quick, Stable & Accurate Results
  • Full-Range Accuracy
  • User-Customisation

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FLO-MATE™ Portable Flowmeter : The Flo-Mate Model 2000 was designed to include the features that you have desired in a flowmeter, but have until now been unable to find in any other available flowmeter.
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Multi-parameter Measurement Redefined : The new multi-parameter systems with intelligent, digital sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity measurement revolutionize multi-parameter measurement. The signal processing is completely located in the sensor, and the measuring signal is transmitted to the meter without interference and in a clearly identifiable manner via thin, high-strength cables. A wide range of sensors are available for virtually every application.
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Multi-parameter Water Quality TROLL 9500 : USE IT FOR :

  • Surface water
  • Ground water interaction
  • Estuary monitoring
  • Saltwater intrusion
  • Watershed and source water protection
  • Stream restoration
  • Beach monitoring
  • NPDES discharge
  • NPS monitoring
  • Water influent
  • Effluent
  • Storm water runoff monitoring
  • Reservoir & lake monitoring
  • Dredging operations
  • Low-flow sampling
  • Vertical profiling
  • Process water
  • Aquaculture

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