UPS Maintenance

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A research indicates that regular preventive maintenance is crucial in order to achieve maximum performance from equipment.  Studies also show, a routine preventive maintenance can significantly reduce the likelihood that a UPS will succumb to downtime.

There are 3 types of maintenance offered by CSSB : 

Healthcheck is an exercise, where our technician diagnoses the UPS overall condition to identify the cause of the faulty UPS.

Preventive Maintenance 

Preventive maintenance is a periodically maintenance normally done monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually per year. The objectives of this maintenance is to ensure UPS system is in good running condition by checking and cleaning UPS internally and externally, and checking battery condition using battery tester. Preventive maintenance consists of two types:
i). Non-Comprehensive – Preventive maintenance only, usually done one-off.
ii). Comprehensive – Preventive maintenance come with replacement parts excluding wear and tear such as ventilation fans, capacitors and batteries.

Corrective Maintenance

In Corrective Maintenance, we do repairing of UPS and replacing parts of the UPS. As a true UPS expert, we can do all brand and types of UPS in the market. If the repairing action takes too much time, we will provide loaner unit while if the UPS cannot be repaired, we will replace with new unit of UPS (1 Phase only).