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  1. Assalamualaikum and Good Afternoon,

    I am Muhammad Ubaidillah from IIUM Kuantan, I need some information
    from your company to update our database:

    1- email for quotation
    2- latest company address
    3- products or/and services that Chromscience Sdn Bhd supply (eg: disposable
    product, hospital equipment, or safety equipment, etc)

    Thank You,
    Muhammad Ubaidillah bin Marzuki
    Kulliyyah of Medicine IIUM
    tel: 014-8030585

    1. Waalaikummusalam and Good Evening,

      Sorry for the late respond Ubai as we are facing some problem with this page.

      Email : sales@chromscience.com
      Latest Company Address : lot 18461, kubur syarif , kg padang nenas, 21030 kuala nerus, terengganu
      Product or service : WE are delivering, installing and servicing UPS ( Uninteruptibble power supply) and Lab equipment. We also selling Digital Microscope, Glassware, Plastic ware, lab safety and Equipment.

      SOrry again for the late reply. dont hesitate to call me if you need anything in future.

      Nurul Fitri
      Technical Sales
      Chromscience Sdn Bhd

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