Model : AM7023B Dino-Eye


: Dino-Eye Premier AM7023B digital eyepiece is an USB2.0 powered device that has megapixels of resolution that allows large detailed images under the microscope with picture sizes up to 2592×1944. The eyepiece fits traditional microscopes with 30mm diameter eyepiece and insert the Dino-Eye to digitalize your microscopy experience.

The Dino-Eye can be found useful for using in either a production line or laboratory for inspection and documentation. In addition to the merit of digitization, the user can find the experience of using a microscope to more pleasant and comfortable especially for daily microscope users



Model : AM4023X Dino-Eye



: The Dino-Lite Premier AM4023X digital eyepiece has natural color technology providing colors true to their original appearance. It also has an enhanced low light capabilities where you can see objects clearly when there is minimal light available.

This eyepiece digital camera (USB2.0) is profesionally designed for traditional microscopes. It works perfectly with all kinds of optical microscopes, such as Biological microscope,       metallurgical microscope and Stereo microscope, etc.

The images of the observed specimen or samples can accurately displayed on the computer screen. The powerful, advanced software included with the camera ensures simple and convenient operation allowing easy capture of images from the microscope!

Included with each Dino-Lite digital microscope is a copy of the “DinoCapture” software, enabling you to “capture” either a photograph, video or time-lapsed video with a simple click!


Model : AM7023 Dino-Eye

om7023 dino -eye


: The AM7023 Dino-eye digital eyepiece can help users upgrade their existing microscope, by replacing the eyepiece of a traditional microscope eyepiece with the Dino-Eye digital eyepiece.

The AM7023 digital eyepiece uses an USB 2.0 interface that fits eyepiece slots with and inner diameter of 23mm.

You can use the AM7023 digital eyepiece as a teaching tool, for digital imaging documentation, or simply for comfort on those long hours viewing into a microscope.

Included with each Dino-Eye digital eyepiece is a copy of the “DinoCapture” software, enabling you to “capture” either a  photograph, video, or time-lapsed video within a few simple clicks.

Model : AM4023U 

am423uThe AM4023U eyepiece digital camera (USB 2.0) is professionally designed for all kinds of microscopes, this model has a 36mm inner diameter which fits over the microscope eyepiece instead of inside the eyepiece slot. The AM4023U works perfectly with all kinds of optical microscopes, such as Biological microscope, Metallurgical microscope and Stereo microscope, etc. This model eyepiece camera is made to see through your current existing eyepiece which eliminates the need to figure out your microscopes eyepiece slot aperture.